Who is AAR?


Who is AAR?  The quick and simple answer is Association of Alexandria Radiologists, PC., but what is in a name? Our name holds our past, our present and our future.

 Our Past:

For over 50 years, AAR has been providing comprehensive diagnostic imaging and treatment services in the Northern Virginia area.  We have always prided ourselves on being a small, community-based boutique imaging practice – that offers world class expertise!

Our Present:

Comprised of 27 radiologists who specialize in the use of medical imaging technologies to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, our radiologists are experts at what they do.  Each radiologist carries extensive knowledge and experience in the very latest imaging tools and techniques.  In fact, most radiologists train for 13 years to prepare for their medical imaging career.

All our physicians are board-certified, and many are fellowship-trained, sub-specializing in specific areas of imaging, such as women’s or breast imaging, musculoskeletal, neuroradiology, interventional radiology, and more.  To meet our team of radiologists, please visit Our Physicians.

As an important partner in your health, our radiologists work to discover and provide the answers your referring physicians may need to ensure your best possible care. Our radiologists, our specialty-trained technologists, and our entire staff are committed to providing the highest level of comfort, expertise and professionalism throughout your exam.

Currently, AAR owns and operates two imaging centers in the Woodbridge and Alexandria communities.  We have also been fortunate to partner with three of the area’s leading hospitals to provide diagnostic and interventional radiology services to their patients in the Northern Virginia area.  Additionally, we provide reading services to a few community Healthplex centers and a group of privately owned imaging centers.

Each of our centers is designed with our patients in mind.  Our goal is to provide a welcoming, relaxing and friendly environment to accommodate each one of our patients.

Our Future:

At AAR, we’re committed to improving our patient’s health by providing accurate diagnoses and health screenings and other services that promote early detection and diagnosis of disease.

We will continue to invest in the latest technology to ensure our patients and their referring physicians receive quality images.  Upgrades and remodels are in a constant cycle to keep up with the ever-changing needs of healthcare in our community.

Yesterday, today, and well into the future, the underlying fuel at AAR is our desire to empower our patients with the services, knowledge and support they need to take control of their health.

By continuously offering compassionate and experienced care, combined with the most advanced equipment available, AAR will continue to be the first choice for thousands of patients in our center communities each year, and we thank you for choosing AAR for your healthcare needs!

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