Spinal tumor treatment with the STAR tumor ablation system can help to alleviate painful symptoms and provide much needed relief for patients suffering from spinal tumors. Using radiofrequency energy, the STAR tumor ablation system reduces the size of the tumor in a single procedure and provides rapid pain relief. Conventional methods including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and general surgery, can take weeks or require multiple treatments to achieve the same results. Only the STAR tumor ablation system can be performed in an outpatient setting using only local anesthesia and give patients results in just one treatment.

About Spinal Tumors

In the body, there is a constant process of new bone cells replacing old bone cells. When cancer metastasizes to the spine, it can cause debilitating pain as well as tingling, weakness, numbness or impaired muscle control of the arms and legs. Metastatic spine tumors are fairly common among cancer patients—some studies have shown that spinal tumors will develop in 10-40% of all cancer patients, with even higher percentages reported for elderly patients.

Spinal Tumor Treatment with STAR: What to Expect

The minimally invasive spinal tumor treatment requires local anesthesia and a small incision in the spine. A small device is placed in the vertebra to deliver targeted radiofrequency energy to the tumor, which heats and destroys the tumor cells. The entire procedure takes approximately 90 minutes.

Benefits of STAR Tumor Ablation System

This type of spinal tumor treatment has many benefits including:

  • Faster recovery
  • No overnight hospital stay required
  • Less expensive
  • No general anesthesia required (only local anesthesia given)

Learn More

The STAR tumor ablation system spinal tumor treatment is available from the Association of Alexandria Radiologists at Inova Alexandria Hospital, Inova Mt. Vernon Hospital, and the Sentara VA Hospital Woodbridge. You can schedule a consultation by calling the hospital that is most convenient for you.