DEXA Body Composition Scan: Helping You Reach Health and Fitness Goals in 2016

If you count yourself among the roughly 40% of Americans who are resolving to live a healthier lifestyle or lose weight in 2016, you may want to consider a DEXA Body Composition Scan. This quick and painless exam provides a completely individualized picture of your unique body composition, including weight, distribution of bones, lean muscles, and fat throughout your body.

What is a DEXA Body Composition Scan?

Dual-energy-x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) uses x-ray to capture a head-to-toe image of your body. Traditionally used to measure bone mass for the diagnosis of Osteoporosis, DEXA can also be a valuable tool for assessing other tissues in the body. You’ll lie fully clothed on your back on a table. The DEXA scanner will move over your body as a software application calculates the information and produces images.

DEXA Scan Body Fat Calculator

During a DEXA Scan, body fat is measured using precise calculations that are based on your unique makeup. Traditional scales and BMI calculators don’t provide the most accurate information because they don’t use individualized measurements. Only DEXA provides the most accurate, detailed picture of your unique body composition.

Follow Up DEXA Body Composition Scans

After your initial DEXA Body Composition Scan, it is recommended to have at least two additional scans, which will allow you to track your progress over time. Changes can be monitored so you can see the results of your fitness and nutrition program.

Schedule Your DEXA Body Composition Scan

Are you serious about your health and fitness goals in 2016? Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, a DEXA Body Composition Scan can help you see your unique body composition so you can set and track fitness and nutrition goals, monitor weight loss, and tailor your program to get the results you want. Call the radiology experts at the Association of Alexandria Radiologists at 703-824-3260 to make your appointment.

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