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Bone Density Imaging for Athletes and Serious Weekend Warriors

Bone Density Imaging for Athletes and Serious Weekend Warriors

Although typically used to screen for osteoporosis, DEXA bone density imaging can also provide incredibly valuable information to athletes and those who want to see real results from fitness and nutrition programs. While a scale simply reads pounds, a DEXA exam will show the unique makeup of your body.

Are you a Candidate for a DEXA exam:

  • A professional or recreational athlete?
  • A weight loss patient?
  • Enrolled in a personal training program?
  • Serious about losing weight and getting fit?

DEXA is the most accurate body composition tool

A DEXA body composition exam can give you a completely individualized picture of your body composition including the weight and distribution of bones, lean muscles and fat throughout your body. You can use this information to:

  • Set and track fitness goals
  • Monitor weight loss
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your fitness program
  • Tailor your nutrition and exercise program to specific areas of your body
  • Over time (with multiple exams) you’ll be able to see very small changes in individual regions of your body

What to expect in your DEXA exam

Dual-energy-x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) uses small amounts of x-ray to capture a total image of the body. During the simple 10-minute exam, you’ll lie fully clothed on your back on a table. The DEXA scanner will move over your body to take the images. A software application calculates the information and generates customized information about your arms, legs, trunk, and total body.

Follow up exams

It is recommended to have an initial exam and at least two follow up exams to see the changes over time. DEXA is the most beneficial when you can see how your fitness and nutrition program is working and alter it to see the results you want.

Schedule your DEXA body composition exam

Traditional scales and BMI calculators don’t provide an accurate picture of each person’s body makeup. If you’re serious about your fitness goals, DEXA provides the most accurate, detailed picture of your body composition. Call us at 703-824-3260 to schedule your exam at one of our convenient locations.

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