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Interventional Radiology


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AAR’s interventional radiologists are board-certified physicians who specialize in image guided, minimally invasive targeted treatments for vascular disease, cancer, aneurisms, uterine fibroids, infertility, pain management and many other complex medical conditions that once could only be treated with conventional surgery.

Treatments with interventional radiology involve the use of imaging technology to guide small devices, such as micro catheters, through arteries, blood vessels or other pathways inside the body to deliver targeted treatment or therapy at the source of the disease.

Our Interventional radiologists perform thousands of procedures annually at our partner hospitals, and many have consistently been voted by their peers to be ‘Top Doctors’ in Northern Virginia and Washingtonian Magazines.


General Vascular Conditions


  • AAA

  • AV Malformation
  • Refractory HTN, renal artery stenosis/FMD
  • Splenic Artery Aneurysm
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

    • Claudication
    • Ulcer/gangrene
    • Acute arterial ischemia
  • Stroke/TIA/carotid stenosis
  • Intracranial aneurysm/AVM


  • Vascular Access
  • DVT, May-Thurner syndrome
  • Varicose veins/venous insufficiency

Interventional Oncology Conditions

  • Biopsy of abnormal mass
  • Liver tumor (HCC, carcinoid, other liver metastases)
  • Lymphoma with CNS component
  • Lung carcinoma/metastases
  • Renal cell carcinoma
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Pleural effusion
  • Malignant vertebral body tumor/painful bone metastases

Genitourinary Conditions

Nephrology Conditions

  • Nephropathy requesting renal biopsy
  • Dialysis/fistula maintenance
  • Vascular access for hemodialysis
  • Renal calculi, obstructive uropathy, hydronephrosis

Gastroenterology Conditions

  • Nutritional Support
  • Post prandial pain, mesenteric ischemia
  • Ascites (recurrent/malignant)
  • Jaundice, dilated bile ducts, extrahepatic biliary obstruction, biliary stones

Pain Conditions

  • Arthropathy
  • Muscle/nerve pain
  • Chronic back/radicular pain
  • Vertebral body compression fracture