Breast Biopsy

Minimally invasive procedures for early detection of breast cancer

Board-certified, experienced radiologists and compassionate staff gently guide you through the biopsy procedure Breast biopsy services at Alexandria Radiology

Types of breast biopsies

Learn about the various breast biopsy options and advanced technology used by our board-certified radiologists to diagnose or rule out breast disease.

Aar Breast Biopsy Tech
3D tomographic-guided biopsy

Our breast biopsy services include traditional ultrasound-guided and stereotactic-guided biopsies, as well as the newest 3D tomographic-guided biopsy. The tomographic breast biopsy utilizes 3D mammography to capture highly detailed images of breast tissue, making it especially useful for subtle lesions and where overlapping tissue may ‘hide’ evidence of a breast issue.

With more precise targeting, better lesion detection, and reduced procedure times, our 3D tomographic-guided biopsy is a cutting-edge diagnostic tool in comprehensive breast care.

Core needle biopsy and cyst aspiration

Our radiologists perform core needle biopsies with a local anesthetic, which allows for minimal discomfort and requires no stitches. This minimally invasive procedure permits most women to resume normal daily activity immediately. Cyst aspiration is another simple procedure performed under ultrasound guidance that involves extracting fluid from a cyst into a syringe with a local anesthetic.

The procedure typically takes no longer than half an hour, and most women can resume work and normal daily activity immediately.

Breast Pathology

Pathology reports

After your biopsy appointment, the tissue samples are sent to a pathologist who will analyze them and provide our medical team with your diagnostic results and report. The pathology report is typically finalized within three days of your biopsy appointment, and your doctor’s office will be contacted as soon as it is available.

Breast biopsy with Alexandria Radiology

Our experienced and compassionate staff understands that a breast biopsy can be a stressful experience. We provide the highest quality breast imaging in a kind and patient environment, and we strive to make the procedure as seamless and comfortable as possible. Contact us today to learn more about breast biopsy and other breast imaging services or to schedule an appointment at our Alexandria or Woodbridge location.

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