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Variocele Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Varicocele? Varicocele, pronounced “vari-co-seel,” is when veins in the male scrotum swell and become enlarged, similar to a varicose vein in the leg.  The exact cause of varicocele isn’t known. It could be

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OB Ultrasound: What you need to know.

If there is one doctor’s appointment you especially look forward to when you’re pregnant, it’s your first ultrasound appointment! An obstetrics ultrasound gives you and your doctor your first look at that tiny little human

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Your 3D Mammogram in Alexandria VA

When you need a mammogram in the Alexandria, VA area, don’t settle for outdated technology. The Association of Alexandria Radiologists (AAR) offers the most advanced breast imaging technology.  Read on to learn more about the


Benefits of the NanoKnife Procedure

The NanoKnife is a new advanced technology that allows interventional radiologists to treat tumors that would otherwise be considered too complicated or virtually impossible for surgeons to operate on due to location. Nanoknife is currently

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Your Vascular Ultrasound Exam: What to Expect

Vascular ultrasound is a safe and painless exam that uses high-frequency sound waves to create a real-time view of organs in the body. A vascular ultrasound helps radiologists to: Detect blockages Detect blood clots in