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Established in 1970 by a group of local radiologists, the Association of Alexandria Radiologists, PC was founded with a mission to provide the community with exceptional diagnostic and interventional radiology care. Today, we are proud to be recognized as one of the largest and most well-respected radiology groups in Northern Virginia.

Our Alexandria and Woodbridge locations offer an extensive range of imaging services for all adults, including specialized care for women and infants. Our team of expert radiologists is trained to offer advanced imaging and minimally invasive interventional radiology procedures, which can also be found at our hospital-partner locations.

Our Services

Alexandria Radiology has a long-standing commitment to women’s health, offering specialized breast care for generations of families. Our services include:

  • 3D Screening and Diagnostic Mammography with SmartCurve™
  • Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound
  • Cyst Aspiration
  • Stereotactic, Ultrasound, and 3D Guided Breast Biopsy

In line with this commitment, we provide a free breast cancer risk assessment to all women at the time of service. This screening helps to identify high-risk women who may benefit from enhanced screenings such as ‘fast’ breast MRI and screening breast ultrasound. We believe all women can benefit from breast cancer risk screening, and it is an essential part of our mission to promote better women’s health and wellness to our community.

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Our board certified radiologists use advanced ultrasound imaging to s diagnose medical conditions quickly and with a high level of accuracy. Our certified technologists are fully accredited and perform the ultrasound exam featuring state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to help provide detailed information about your health.

Our diagnostic ultrasound services include:

  • Breast
  • Obstetrical and Gynecologic
  • Infant
  • Vascular
  • General

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At Alexandria Radiology, we offer DEXA Bone Density Scans to help diagnose and manage osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions.

Our state-of-the-art technology provides accurate and precise measurements of bone density and, with the radiologist’s interpretation, provides your referring physician the information needed to monitor your bone health or to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

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Alexandria Radiology provides advanced X-ray and fluoroscopy imaging services to help diagnose and treat various medical conditions.

Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to produce accurate and timely images for a range of procedures, from routine chest X-rays to specialized studies such as barium swallow and arthrography.

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At Alexandria Radiology, we use advanced MRI and CT imaging technology to produce highly detailed images of the human body. These scans help diagnose and treat various medical conditions, from cancer to neurological disorders and joint injuries.

We partner with hospitals and medical centers across Northern Virginia to provide patients with state-of-the-art imaging services that aid in accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

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Interventional Radiology is a highly advanced and minimally invasive, image-guided medical specialty that is used to treat a wide variety of conditions and illnesses without traditional surgery.

Our team of experienced interventional radiologists is board-certified and fellowship-trained. At our hospital-partner locations, they use advanced techniques guided by imaging to diagnose and treat arterial and venous disease, pain, neurovascular conditions, cancer, and women’s health issues such as uterine fibroids.

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ACR Accreditation

Alexandria Radiology’s offices in Alexandria and Woodbridge have earned full accreditation from the American College of Radiology (ACR). This recognition is only given to facilities that meet rigorous imaging quality and radiation safety standards. When you choose us for your imaging needs, you can be confident that you are receiving care at a facility that has undergone a comprehensive peer review evaluation process.

The ACR accreditation program evaluates a facility’s personnel qualifications, equipment maintenance and performance, quality control procedures, and quality assurance programs. Our accreditation demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of imaging services to our patients while ensuring the safety and effectiveness of our procedures.

For more information: acr.org/clinical-resources/accreditation

ACR Accreditation badges for Ultrasound, Breast Ultrasound, Mammography, Breast Imaging, and Stereotactic Breast Imaging

Quality Assurance

Alexandria Radiology is dedicated to providing high-quality services and is committed to maintaining education, training, and continuous quality improvement at all of our centers. To ensure the safety and standard of care for our patients, we have established a Quality and Compliance Committee that meets regularly to review clinical measures and make recommendations for developing or improving medical protocols within our practice.

Our Quality Metrics Include
Icon Patient Satisfaction
Patient satisfaction surveys
Icon Accredited
Accreditation continuing education and training
Icon Process
Process development and improvement
Icon Report
Patient report quality, peer review and turnaround time
Icon Safety
Patient and equipment safety and incident tracking
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