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We have been fortunate to partner with three of the area’s leading hospitals to provide diagnostic and interventional radiology services to their patients in the Northern Virginia area. Additionally we provide reading services to a few community healthplex centers, a group of privately owned imaging centers, and we own and operate two of our own imaging centers in Alexandria and Woodbridge communities.

At AAR, we’re committed to improving our patient’s health through screening and other services that promote the early detection and diagnosis of disease. Our clinical approach combines expert and compassionate staff with a patient-centered experience.

Each of our centers is designed with our patients in mind. Our goal is to provide a welcoming, relaxing and friendly environment to accommodate our patient guests– more along the lines of an upscale hotel lobby than a sterile, clinical environment.

We have invested in the latest technology to ensure our patients and their referring physicians receive quality images and we review the standards of each piece of equipment on a regular basis. Upgrades and remodels are in a constant cycle to keep up with the ever changing needs of healthcare in our communities.

Having the latest technology is only part of our commitment to quality in our centers. Two additional factors that may affect quality and accuracy is the experience of the technologist taking the image and the experience of the radiologist who interprets the images. All of our technologists have undergone a minimum of two years of additional schooling and are certified in their fields of imaging. Most radiologists train for a minimum of 13 years to prepare for their medical imaging careers. All of our physicians are board-certified,  and many are fellowship trained, sub-specializing in specific areas of imaging, such as women’s or breast imaging, musculoskeletal, neuroradiology, interventional radiology, and more.

By continuously offering compassionate, experienced care combined with the most advanced equipment available, AAR is often the first choice for thousands of patients in our center communities each year, and we thank you so much for choosing AAR!

AAR’s commitment to ensuring quality in our services is of core importance to our employees and our physicians. Education, training, quality measurement and improvement are a part of each of our centers focus.  Additionally, our Quality and Compliance Committee meets regularly to review clinical measures, and make recommendations to implement improvements and develop protocols within our practice to ensure the safety and standard of care of our patients.    

AAR stands by and adheres to the standards and guidelines of the American College of Radiology (ACR). AAR is ACR accredited – a rigorous process, conducted annually which assesses the overall quality of a practice, including personnel, equipment, quality assurance activities, and ultimately the quality of patient care.

Our quality metrics include:

  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Staff and physician accreditations
  • Process development and improvement
  • Patient report quality and peer review
  • Patient report turn-around-time
  • Patient safety and incident tracking
  • Continuing education and training
  • Technology and equipment – checked annually by a medical physicist to ensure patient safety in radiation exposure and equipment performance

While education and training are imperative, we additionally participate in ongoing reviews of our clinical outcomes to ensure our work is accurate. Our physicians take part in programs endorsed by national organizations such as the American College of Radiology and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) which have begun supporting specific quality indicators and safe practices in the area of radiology.  To further support our accuracy efforts, AAR participates in the program below:

  • ACR RadPeer Program - RadPeer is a program which allows for peer review of radiologists' interpretations to ensure that physicians are providing accurate diagnoses. Two radiologists read the same image and the interpretations are compared. The results are sent to the ACR for benchmarking purposes.

We measure our patients who visit our centers through patient satisfaction surveys, and through this process have found many ways to better and enhance our patients experience over the years.


A radiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury by using medical imaging technologies from ultrasound to mammograms to MRIs and CT.  Medical Imaging is a powerful medical tool. It’s a complex, ever-evolving science, but one doctor is specifically trained to put imaging to work to save lives – your radiologist.

Radiologists are the only physicians specially trained in patient diagnosis and care through medical imaging. They help save lives and health care dollars by detecting diseases early and pinpointing effective treatment for cancer, heart disease and countless other illnesses.

Radiologists also treat diseases, such as cancer or heart disease, by means of radiation or minimally invasive, image-guided surgery. Radiologists are often able to see problems early by interpreting the results of your imaging study and can provide an accurate diagnosis to your referring physician.

Generally, a radiologist:

  • Acts as an expert imaging consultant to your referring physician
  • Helps determine the appropriate imaging exam for your needs
  • Directs radiology technologists (the specialists who operate the equipment) to ensure quality exams
  • Reviews and interprets the images from your exam
  • Provides your physician with a detailed report of your exam
  • Recommends further exams or other next steps in your treatment

A radiologist is more than 13 years in the making. Radiologists graduate from undergraduate four year colleges and universities prior to attending accredited four year medical schools, pass a licensing exam, and complete a residency of at least four years of postgraduate medical education in such areas as radiation safety/protection, radiation effects on the human body, and interpretation of radiological and medical imaging exams.  A one year internship is completed additionally.

Many radiologists also complete a fellowship, which includes one to two additional years of specialized training in a particular subspecialty of radiology.

All of our radiologists are board-certified physicians who specialize in the use of medical imaging technologies to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. They are experts at what they do, with extensive knowledge and experience in the very latest imaging tools and techniques.

As an important partner in your health, our radiologist work to discover and provide the answers your referring physician may need to ensure your best possible care. Our radiologists and specially trained teams of technologists are committed to providing the highest level of comfort, expertise and professionalism throughout your exam.

Our Physicians

Body and General Diagnostic Imaging

  • Deborah N. Blair, MD
  • Richard R. Barbu, MD
  • William J. Dunwoody, MD
  • Anu Khianey, MD
  • Nitin A. Kumar, MD
  • Scott A. LeBolt, MD
  • Mark C. Lopiano, MD
  • Jennifer Park, MD
  • Nadia Shah, MD
  • Brendan Waters, DO


Breast and Women’s Imaging

  • Deborah Blair, MD
  • Anu Khianey, MD
  • Nitin A. Kumar, MD
  • Jennifer Park, MD
  • Henry S. Rose, MD
  • Nadia Shah, MD
  • Brendan Waters, DO


Interventional Oncology

  • Dimitri Papadouris, MD
  • Venu Vadlamudi, MD


Interventional Radiology

  •  James M. Cooper, MD
  •  Dimitrios Papadouris, MD
  •  Kenneth S. Rholl, MD
  •  Keith M. Sterling, MD
  •  Nora McDermott Tabori, M.D.
  •  Venu Vadlamudi, MD
  •  Arina van Breda, MD


Musculoskeletal Imaging

  • Aakash Ahuja, M.D.
  • Amit Bakri, MD
  • Mitali Bapna, MD
  • William Dunwoody, M.D.
  • Nitin A. Kumar, MD
  • Scott LeBolt, M.D.
  • Mark C. Lopiano, MD



  • Carlos Artiles, MD
  • Richard R. Barbu, MD
  • Djamil Fertikh, MD
  • Mark C. Lopiano, MD
  • Venu Vadlamudi, MD


Nuclear Radiology – PET/CT

  • Ramesh B.S. Rao, MD



  •  Ramesh B.S. Rao, MD





Our Management team

AAR’s management team and our center’s support staff are committed to providing an excellent service experience to all of our patients and referring physician offices. Our goal is to provide a clear vision of better care…with a personal touch.

James S. Hueber, M.B.A., C.M.P.E.
Contact: 703 824-3214

Nitin A. Kumar, MD

Robin Jervis, CPA
Director of Finance
Contact: 703 824-3215

Meghan Clinton, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Contact: 703 824-3216

Sam Ignacio
Administrative Assistant
Contact: 703 824-3210

Gary Turner
Director of Information Technology
Contact: 703 824-3243

Deidra Sims
Office Manager
Contact: 703 824-3259

Amanda George, BSDMS, RDMS, RVT
Clinical Director
Contact: 703 824-3267

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At AAR we know it’s our people that make a difference, and we’re always on the lookout for talented, team-oriented and dedicated individuals who enjoy and excel in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

AAR offers a competitive salary and benefits, including 401(k), employer contributions to retirement, health care coverage, and flexible spending account options. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We are passionate about what we do and making a difference in people’s healthcare and lives.

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